Ease On In

Good day to the secretaries of the universe!

Many types of people compose the administrative assistant population. Five years ago, I thought of this job as something to get me by until graduation. Recently I’ve realized that my position is valuable and that my quality of work affects many different people.  I can control the need for my position as you can with yours. We aren’t indentured servants chained to a desk by a telephone; we’re the faces and foundation of our offices, companies, and organizations. We can learn as we go with the support of one another.

This blog will suggest ways to maintain daily positivity.

Clock In for tips on organization, proper conduct, and gadgets to make your day easier and more efficient.

Clock Out for tips on how to maintain a home that you see less than your desk.

Activate the Call Tree where guest bloggers will share information on any topic that will benefit my followers.

Sometimes my rants are NSFW (Not safe for work). Come here to vent or get a giggle from my venting. No nudity, just the occasional naughty word.

Consider this a handbook designed to put the ease back into the world of a secretary.



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